Sunday, April 11, 2010

So far, so good!

I left Boston at 9:30 PM and arrived at Bucharest at 9:30 AM (but 4:30 in Romania). I spent a long time traveling and it was very uncomfortable, plus I was a bit nervous. I took a taxi (kind of) to the Hello Hotel, took a shower, then a nap, and then Kristina arrived at the hotel around 9PM (Romanian time). I found a very nice letter stored in my luggage from Brian (he is so nice) that was very encouraging. So far so good. We leave for Borsec tomorrow around 1 to head out to the artist residency. It will be about a six-hour train ride north up into the Transylvanian mountains. I am really looking forward to seeing the countryside while traveling there.

We discovered that in Bucharest there are a lot of stray dogs everywhere. They don’t have animal shelters here and some of the dogs could be dangerous. They have taken on wild animal survival characteristics and it is strange for me to see something so wild in the middle of a city.

In Romania they have money just like we do, but it looks a lot different and is called a different name. Here they call there dollar RON or Lei. Three Lei is worth about one of our dollars. I really think they are so much prettier than our money!

Here is a little word problem for my students. The first two students that post the right answers will win a Romania Lei when I get back home.

Question 1:
If I paid 80 Lei for my cab ride from the airport to the hotel, how many American dollars did I spend?

Question 2:
If I paid 126 Lei for the hotel, how many American dollars did I spend?

This is a video of the crazy dogs howling. This is what it looked outside of our hotel window!

-Emily B


  1. That is one dreary looking building. You are amazing.

  2. Chris L and Justin Killam came up with.
    1) cab fare $26.66
    2) hotel $42.00

  3. Yay!!! Good job guys! I'm so proud of you! I'll bring you back some Romanian Lei:)